Publications with the contribution of LGSA PhD candidates

The goal of a PhD thesis program is to publish at least one first-author paper in an international peer-reviewed journal. We are very happy that our young researchers highly contribute to the publication record of the participating institutions.


  • Raft lipids as common components of human extracellular amyloid fibrils.
    Gellermann GP, Appel TR, Tannert A, Radestock A, Hortschansky P, Schroeckh V, Leisner C, Lütkepohl T, Shtrasburg S, Röcken C, Pras M, Linke RP, Diekmann S, Fändrich M
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2005, 102(18), 6297-302
  • Centromeric chromosomal translocations show tissue-specific differences between squamous cell carcinomas and adenocarcinomas.
    Hermsen M, Snijders A, Guervós MA, Taenzer S, Koerner U, Baak J, Pinkel D, Albertson D, van Diest P, Meijer G, Schrock E
    Oncogene 2005, 24(9), 1571-9 published as IMB
  • Identification and characterization of protein subcomplexes in yeast.
    Hollunder J, Beyer A, Wilhelm T
    Proteomics 2005, 5(8), 2082-9
  • Exploiting combinatorial complexity - searching for new functional entities in the cell.
    Hollunder J, Beyer A, Wilhelm T
    In: Proceedings of Foundations of Systems Biology in Engineering, FOSBE 07.-10.08.2005 2005, 363-366, University of Californi
  • A novel cGUUAg tetraloop structure with a conserved yYNMGg-type backbone conformation from cloverleaf 1 of bovine enterovirus 1 RNA.
    Ihle Y, Ohlenschläger O, Häfner S, Duchardt E, Zacharias M, Seitz S, Zell R, Ramachandran R, Görlach M
    Nucleic Acids Res 2005, 33(6), 2003-11 published as IMB
  • Common patterns in type II restriction enzyme binding sites.
    Nikolajewa S, Beyer A, Friedel M, Hollunder J, Wilhelm T
    Nucleic Acids Res 2005, 33(8), 2726-33
  • TEDOR with adiabatic inversion pulses: Resonance assignments of 13C/15N labelled RNAs.
    Riedel K, Leppert J, Ohlenschläger O, Görlach M, Ramachandran R
    J Biomol NMR 2005, 31(1), 49-57