We offer PhD positions to qualified students without regard to age, nationality, race, gender, marital status, disabilities or other protected status.

The FLI integrates all PhD students into the Graduate School.

Therefore, all applicants should follow the guidelines of the graduate school, since incomplete or non-fitting applications will not be considered. This applies also for candidates with their own fellowship.

Interviews for the selection of PhD candidates are scheduled twice per year, in spring and autumn. At least three members of the interviewing committee have to be present at these meetings. As an exception, additional interview dates may be scheduled.

Requirements: Eligible are students that have obtained, or that will obtain within the next six months, an academic degree comparable to the Master's degree in life sciences, chemistry, physics or other related fields.

The application procedure is a three-step process.

 Step 1:

  • Submission and evaluation of the application documents including application form, CV, reference letters and degree certificates.

Step 2:

  • After evaluation of the application documents, selected candidates will be invited for a recruitment session in Jena.
  • Participation in a 30-minute entrance interview with the selection committee. Candidates will briefly present their previous research and discuss a scientific publication provided by the selection committee.

Step 3:

  • After passing the interview accepted candidates are invited for a further assessment and will have the chance to meet principle investigators who offer PhD projects.
  • These candidates should also send a new preference list of research groups they would like to join to the LGSA coordinator shortly after the recruitment session.
  • Final decisions will be made by the principle investigators after the recruitment session and candidates are notified about the outcome.