Publications with the contribution of LGSA PhD candidates

The goal of a PhD thesis program is to publish at least one first-author paper in an international peer-reviewed journal. We are very happy that our young researchers highly contribute to the publication record of the participating institutions.


  • IER3IP1-mutations cause microcephaly by selective inhibition of ER-Golgi transport
    Anitei M, Bruno F, Valkova C, Dau T, Cirri E, Mestres Lascano I, Calegari F, Kaether C
    bioRxiv 2024,
  • NRF2 activation by cysteine as a survival mechanism for triple-negative breast cancer cells.
    Bottoni L, Minetti A, Realini G, Pio E, Giustarini D, Rossi R, Rocchio C, Franci L, Salvini L, Catona O, D'Aurizio R, Rasa M, Giurisato E, Neri F, Orlandini M, Chiariello M, Galvagni F
    Oncogene 2024 (epub ahead of print)
  • PARP1 UFMylation ensures the stability of stalled replication forks.
    Gong Y, Wang Z, Zong W, Shi R, Sun W, Wang S, Peng B, Takeda S, Wang ZQ, Xu X
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2024, 121(18), e2322520121
  • Impact of inflammatory preconditioning on murine microglial proteome response induced by focal ischemic brain injury.
    Helbing DL, Haas F, Cirri E, Rahnis N, Dau TTD, Kelmer Sacramento E, Oraha N, Böhm L, Lajqi T, Fehringer P, Morrison H, Bauer R
    Front Immunol 2024, 15, 1227355
  • Optimizing Biocompatibility and Gene Delivery with DMAEA and DMAEAm: A Niacin-Derived Copolymer Approach.
    Mapfumo PP, Reichel LS, André T, Hoeppener S, Rudolph LK, Traeger A
    Biomacromolecules 2024 (epub ahead of print)
  • Ultraviolet B acts as a dietary restriction mimetic by targeting mitochondrial bioenergetics
    Martirosyan A, Li Y, Woitzat Y, Lee S, Li F, Ermolaeva MA
    bioRxiv 2024, 10.1101/2024.03.05.583543
  • Immune aging in annual killifish.
    Morabito G, Ryabova A, Valenzano DR
    Immun Ageing 2024, 21(1), 18
  • Aging-associated decline of phosphatidylcholine synthesis is a malleable trigger of natural mitochondrial aging
    Poliezhaieva T, Alonso Pernas P, Espada L, Bayar M, Li Y, Melike Dönertaş H, A.Ermolaeva M
    bioRxiv 2024,
  • Reducing the metabolic burden of rRNA synthesis promotes healthy longevity in Caenorhabditis elegans.
    Sharifi* S, Chaudhari* P, Martirosyan A, Eberhardt AO, Witt F, Gollowitzer A, Lange L, Woitzat Y, Okoli EM, Li H, Rahnis N, Kirkpatrick J, Werz O, Ori A, Koeberle A, Bierhoff** H, Ermolaeva** M
    Nat Commun 2024, 15(1), 1702 * equal contribution, ** co-corresponding authors
  • Leiomodin 1 promotes myogenic differentiation by modulating Sirtuin 1
    Späth* E, C.Schüler* S, Heinze I, Dau T, Minetti A, Hofmann M, von Maltzahn** J, Ori** A
    bioRxiv 2024, * equal contribution, ** co-corresponding authors