Publications with the contribution of LGSA PhD candidates

The goal of a PhD thesis program is to publish at least one first-author paper in an international peer-reviewed journal. We are very happy that our young researchers highly contribute to the publication record of the participating institutions.


  • Heteronuclear decoupling in rotating solids: Improving the efficacy of symmetry-based tanh/tan adiabatic RF pulse schemes.
    Riedel K, Herbst C, Leppert J, Ohlenschläger O, Görlach M, Ramachandran R
    Chem Phys Lett 2006, 429(4-6), 590-4
  • Quaternary structure of a mature amyloid fibril from Alzheimer's Abeta(1-40) peptide.
    Sachse C, Xu C, Wieligmann K, Diekmann S, Grigorieff N, Fändrich M
    J Mol Biol 2006, 362(2), 347-54
  • Unexpected pathogenic mechanism of a novel mutation in the coding sequence of SPG4 (spastin).
    Schickel J, Beetz C, Frömmel C, Heide G, Sasse A, Hemmerich P, Deufel T
    Neurology 2006, 66(3), 421-3
  • Subcellular distribution of calcium-sensitive potassium channels (IK1) in migrating cells.
    Schwab A, Wulf A, Schulz C, Kessler W, Nechyporuk-Zloy V, Römer M, Reinhardt J, Weinhold D, Dieterich P, Stock C, Hebert SC
    J Cell Physiol 2006, 206(1), 86-94 to be checked
  • Male-biased expression of X-chromosomal DM domain-less Dmrt8 genes in the mouse.
    Veith AM, Klattig J, Dettai A, Schmidt C, Englert C, Volff JN
    Genomics 2006, 88(2), 185-95
  • Replication of centromeric heterochromatin in mouse fibroblasts takes place in early, middle, and late S phase.
    Weidtkamp-Peters S, Rahn HP, Cardoso MC, Hemmerich P
    Histochem Cell Biol 2006, 125(1-2), 91-102
  • General classification of networks.
    Wilhelm T, Hollunder J, Kim JK, Beyer A
    In: Adaptation in Artificial and Biological Systems, Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour (edited by Kovacs T, Marshall J), Proceedings of the AISB 2006 2006, 3, 189-194, University of Bristol,
  • Conditional deletion of Nbs1 in murine cells reveals its role in branching repair pathways of DNA double-strand breaks.
    Yang YG, Saidi A, Frappart PO, Min W, Barrucand C, Dumon-Jones V, Michelon J, Herceg Z, Wang ZQ
    EMBO J 2006, 25(23), 5527-38


  • Kinesin-driven sorting machine on large-scale microtubule arrays.
    Böhm KJ, Beeg J, Meyer zu Hörste G, Stracke R, Unger E
    IEEE T Adv Packaging 2005, 28, 571-6
  • Hey basic helix-loop-helix transcription factors are repressors of GATA4 and GATA6 and restrict expression of the GATA target gene ANF in fetal hearts.
    Fischer A, Klattig J, Kneitz B, Diez H, Maier M, Holtmann B, Englert C, Gessler M
    Mol Cell Biol 2005, 25(20), 8960-70 published during change of institution