Publications with the contribution of LGSA PhD candidates

The goal of a PhD thesis program is to publish at least one first-author paper in an international peer-reviewed journal. We are very happy that our young researchers highly contribute to the publication record of the participating institutions.


  • Proteomic analysis of peripheral nerve myelin during murine aging.
    Helbing DL, Kirkpatrick JM, Reuter M, Bischoff J, Stockdale A, Carlstedt A, Cirri E, Bauer R, Morrison H
    Front Cell Neurosci 2023, 17, 1214003
  • Establishing the auxin-inducible degron system for Wilms tumor protein 1 degradation in zebrafish
    Hopfenmüller V
    Dissertation 2023, Jena, Germany
  • A dysfunctional miR-1-TRPS1-MYOG axis drives ERMS by suppressing terminal myogenic differentiation.
    Hüttner SS, Henze H, Elster D, Koch P, Anderer U, von Eyss B, von Maltzahn J
    Mol Ther 2023, 31(9), 2612-32
  • Evolutionary paths to mammalian longevity through the lens of gene expression.
    Işıldak U, Dönertaş HM
    EMBO J 2023, 42(17), e114879
  • Separation-of-function study of PARP1
    Kamaletdinova T
    Dissertation 2023, Jena, Germany
  • Poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerase-1 Lacking Enzymatic Activity Is Not Compatible with Mouse Development.
    Kamaletdinova T, Zong W, Urbánek P, Wang S, Sannai M, Grigaravičius P, Sun W, Fanaei-Kahrani Z, Mangerich A, Hottiger MO, Li T, Wang ZQ
    Cells 2023, 12(16), 2078
  • Taz protects hematopoietic stem cells from an aging-dependent decrease in PU.1 activity
    Kim KM
    Dissertation 2023, Jena, Germany
  • Generation of a transparent killifish line through multiplex CRISPR/Cas9mediated gene inactivation.
    Krug J, Perner B, Albertz C, Mörl H, Hopfenmüller VL, Englert C
    Elife 2023, 12, e81549
  • A noncanonical repressor function of JUN restrains YAP activity and suppresses YAP-dependent liver cancer growth
    Kurlishchuk* Y, Cindric Vranesic* A, Jessen* M, Kipping A, Kim K, Cramer P, von Eyss B
    bioRxiv 2023, 10.1101/2023.08.20.554005 * equal contribution
  • Pangenome calculation beyond the species level using RIBAP: A comprehensive bacterial core genome annotation pipeline based on Roary and pairwise ILPs
    Lamkiewicz K, Barf LM, Sachse K, Hölzer M
    bioRxiv 2023,