50 to 60 doctoral candidates are currently doing research within the framework of the LGSA.

Tubulin immunofluorescence microscopy

To maintain organ functions, the proteins in the cells need to be kept in balance (proteostasis). This state is disturbed with increasing age. One…


The ATR protein plays an important role in the response to replication stress as a regulator of the DNA damage response (DDR) and controls cell…


Planarians are able to survive long periods of starvation unscathed by maintaining their stem cell pool and regenerative capacity. The molecular…

Five PhD students contributed to the publication in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

It’s already well known that a diet may have a…

Starting in February 2016, the LGSA presents itself with a new corporate design.

Congratulations on passing your final PhD exams to all our graduates 2015.


Two LGSA students - Andreas Petzold and Philipp Koch - participated in the discovery of the genome sequence of N. furzeri as shared first authors.

We are pleased to inform that in October 2015 Dr. Julia von Maltzahn was elected new Dean of the graduate school.