Project Management and Time Management throughout the doctoracte

Dr. Simon Golin - Golin Wissenschaftsmanagement, Hamburg - Two day workshop
Date: 16.01.2020 - 17.01.2020
Time: 9:00 - 17:00

Place: FLI (Golgi)

New, time limited and complex – such are the tasks generally undertaken as projects. A work environment without project work is almost unimaginable nowadays. And this is not only true for the non-academic sector: Even the doctorate is a project!
Proven project management tools pave the way for the professional development and planning of projects, for competent guiding of their implementation and for their successful completion. With the help of these tools even difficult steps in the project journey can be safely navigated.
During the workshop the participants familiarise themselves with the most important project management methods and instruments.

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Teaching, part time work, professional development, private arrangements and not least the thesis: Time pressure results in many things only being half done. In the end there is not enough time for the important tasks and you are left with the uncomfortable feeling of again not having managed everything.
It is however not difficult to improve dealing with the personal time budget. Through the implementation of established time management methods, individual disturbances can be minimised, priorities can be set and planning horizons can be determined in order to make the own work more effective.