Current Situation: Further Proceeding Regarding PhD Theses

Current stop of animal experiments: Letter to PhD students on further proceeding concerning PhD theses

Dear PhD students at FLI/LGSA,

as you may have noticed, at the weekend, the MDR published another report about FLI’s current situation regarding animal experiments. This time, the reporter asked us to answer questions about the number of PhD students affected by the current crisis and what the FLI is doing about. We answered these questions at the beginning of last week in written and oral form and in close cooperation with Claudia Müller.

Unfortunately, the MDR reporting was inaccurate in some parts and did not fully reflect our statement. For example, MDR claimed that all 45 PhD projects at FLI are affected by the crisis and that for many of them, it is expected that finishing of the PhD project is delayed.

However, Claudia Müller has not yet had the opportunity to talk to every PhD student at the institute, therefore we don’t know yet how many of you are in fact affected and to what extent. Claudia Müller will continue her individual interviews with you after her summer break. For those of you who are affected by the current situation, there will be talks with your Supervisors on how to deal with the situation and how to adjust your time schedule.

In any case, we will find an optimal solution for everyone, and no one will suffer from any disadvantages due to the current situation. Furthermore, we are optimistic that with the fulfillment of official requirements, every necessary permit will be regained within the next weeks.

Claudia Müller will be in office again on July 25. If you have questions, just ask her or Julia von Maltzahn.