Denica Doycheva

LGSA Member

Neuroendocrine functions of the anti-aging factor Klotho

Friedrich Schiller University Jena (FSU) - Faculty of Biology and Pharmacy
Leibniz Institute on Aging - Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI): Heuer Research Group, Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine (IUF): Heuer Research Group

First Supervisor:

Heike Heuer (Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine (IUF))

Doctoral Disputation:


Publications 2017:

  • TRH action is impaired in pituitaries of male IGSF1-deficient mice.
    Turgeon MO, Silander TL, Doycheva D, Liao XH, Rigden M, Ongaro L, Zhou X, Joustra SD, Wit JM, Wade MG, Heuer H, Refetoff S, Bernard DJ
    Endocrinology 2017, 158(4), 815-30